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I am a very big fan of nerdy day trips, from Sea Forts to abandoned nuclear bunkers, dead victorian racecourses, roads that are falling into the ground, narrow gauge railways that take you to a power station, wherever. I like decaying infrastructure, terrifying modernity, and enthusiast-run museums with 6 pages of small-font text explaining every exhibit (looking at you, Bletchley Park).
Last time I tweeted about wanting some Nerdy London daytrip destinations, all round good egg and amazing person @JoBrodie appeared to archive people's suggestions, and that fantastic list is here:
We've decided to take this one step further, and try to build a giant, inclusive, user-generated nerd map. This means we need you to tell us about your nerdy funtime destinations.
We really want to gather as many as possible of the more obscure ones, the clearing with the abandoned factory, a strange earth feature of nerd interest, the terrifying power station, the water slide park, and so on. Our fantasy is that on any given road trip, you will be able to find a nerd stop somewhere along your route, or perhaps even plot out a nerd odyssey across the UK.
Basically, the more people submit, the more resources we'll put into building up the resource, so hopefully this will be the first post of many, and maybe we'll pull together a website at some stage in the near-ish future.
Now, tell us about your adventures...

Dr Ben Goldacre

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