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NDT Tweals, Bugfixes


We just squashed a few bugs on NDT, and tweaked the UI a bit.

Firstly, I think we've squashed the New Spot bug, so you should all now be able to add spots again.

We have also:

- Limited the map to the boundaries viewed on screen, no longer loads _all_ spots at once (much faster to browse)
- Limited the screen to show 1000 spots at once, and warns the user if there are >1000 in the area they are viewing, prompting them to zoom in for more detail.
- Added a Loading screen when we’re refreshing the map

More soon!


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Server Upgrade - 13th Sept 2011


We'll be moving to a new, faster, server over the next 12-24 hours. You might notice some down-time, but it'll be worth it.

Thanks for bearing with us.

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Upcoming Features for NDT


This is just a quick post to explain some ideas we have for new features, and any other stuff for the site.

Major things:

Minor things:

If you have any ideas for new features please let us know (@bengoldacre or @applecado on Twitter)

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Too many spots!

There are too many nerdy spots to show you (Over 1000!) in the current map view.
Try Zooming in to see more detail.

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